Water and Fire Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage usually goes unnoticed and, unfortunately, unexpectedly. They develop over a long period of time. Among other things, these are pipeline damage, the required extinguishing water or extinguishing foam in the event of fire. The same applies to rainwater and, unfortunately, more and more often the elementary water damage caused by flooding and rising groundwater levels.

The damage remediation measures required for this must be assessed individually for each case and remediated just as individually.

After a damage event, our experts come on site and will immediately initiate and carry out the necessary emergency security measures with their technical expertise.

Fire Damage Restoration

The fire brigade goes GMC EUROPE comes.

A fire is always an unpredictable event that usually causes significant damage. The resulting damage pattern is always influenced by the different fire loads.

A lot of soot, fire sludge and the required extinguishing water or extinguishing foam can usually be expected. The damage pattern can be divided into different hazards.

After the approval of the structural engineer and the investigating police authority or the fire investigators, the damaged area will then be taken over by our experts, taking into account Vds 2357, and the necessary emergency security measures will be carried out immediately.

Remedial Measures

Our goal is to keep the damage event that has arisen as uncomplicated and without further interruptions to operations and production losses as possible, taking into account the legal regulations.

That is why our experts are at your side from the very beginning and, with their decades of experience and suitable personnel and technical equipment, will eliminate the damage event as quickly as possible.

Mobile Rental Systems

For the duration of the resulting business interruption, we can also help you quickly and easily in most cases.

We have a very large range of technical rental systems that enable you to include production options from waste water treatment, surface treatment systems and exhaust air purification systems as part of business interruption insurance.

Depending on their size, these are ready for operation in 4 - 6 weeks with the necessary approval. Being economically independent of your competitors and continuing to serve your customers should be the top priority in the event of a claim.

Our experience is your advantage.








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