We are one of the world’s leading experts in the machinery, apparatus and container construction. Our range of services includes all official approval procedures, the planning and construction of plant engineering, from wastewater treatment through surface treatment plants to exhaust air purification technology.

As a manufacturer and supplier of the required equipment and special chemicals, our customers receive everything they need to maintain the required process reliability, system availability, reliability and continuous development for their surface treatment systems.

As this always taking into account the conservation and protection of natural vital resources.

In order to preserve these for future generations, we are also very successfully represented in the groundwater and contaminated site remediation as well as the fire and water damage restoration.

Wherever liquids are stored, handled, handled and handled, mixed and used up, technical accidents happen again and again.

It is very important to be able to help the injured party quickly and above all competently with the experience and knowledge of our employees. For this we can rely on decades of experience of our employees, who all together benefit more than just good.

We reduce the impact of fire, water and environmental events. Thus, we are able to carry out all necessary requirements from our industrial customers to the building and contents insurance professional and proper.

Our customers benefit not only from the fact that we have a very good network and local employees in Europe, but we also have representatives in Asia and North America who help our customers to solve the problems quickly and easily.

Our experience is your advantage.